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Start to slow down the browser? You need to clean it!

In the world there are dozens of different browsers that allow you to view your favorite sites. The most popular are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Amigo Browser.

When you first visit a website, the browser locally stores different files in a designated folder in the system. If you visit this site again, the browser does not need to download it completely, because the system already has its saved copy. Such files are called cache.

Cache - these are various files, images, texts, which are stored in a place specially designated by the system, for further quick opening on the site

Why do I need to clean the browser?

Over time, your hard drive is filled with a bunch of files from various sites that you once visited and your favorite browser starts to work slower.

But there is another caching problem - the site can update the content, and the browser will still display outdated data from its local cache. If you always want to receive up-to-date information, you need to perform a regular cache flush.

In this difficult matter, so-called Cleaners (cleaners) come to our aid - special utilities designed to remove obsolete data.

About Cleaner

Cleaner For Chrome™ - is an easy and powerful enough browser extension for Google Chrome that will very quickly change your life for the better.
Cleaner supports work with such parameters as:

How to use Cleaner

  • Select the parameters you need for cleaning
  • If you want to select everything, press the ALL button
  • If you want to set the default settings, click the DEFAULT
  • In the time section, select the TIME interval for cleaning
  • Press the big green START button

How to install?

How to uninstall?