Android smartphone was able to hack, just by opening the image

The threat is due to several vulnerabilities in versions with Android 7.0 Nougat by 9.0 Pie.

We all love to use modern gadgets and get pleasure from it. But after the joy, they can bring and grief.

In the latest Android update, a dangerous vulnerability was fixed that gave almost full access to the phone. How is this possible? It was necessary to simply open the image specially prepared by the hacker. Users of this operating system need to be careful when downloading and opening graphic files.

One of the vulnerabilities allows hackers to assign a script to a malicious image to execute arbitrary code. To gain access to the victim’s smartphone, a hacker needs only to force the victim to download and open a special image that is almost impossible to distinguish from the usual one. These images are distributed in various messengers.

We advise you to check your Adnroid smartphone for updates.